Sunday, July 5, 2009

Photo Fun!!

Ok, so yesterday I decided to try out some of the settings on my very portable but not very, um, high tech camera. It was so much fun and the kids actualy cooperated!! Imagine that! They have gotten to the point of running in the opposite direction when Mom comes anywhere near them with the camera!! I can't really blame them, I have gotten kind of obnoxious lately. Just wait til I (hopefully) get my new camera!!! Hehehehehe!!!!!

Food Setting (loved this one)! BTW, Carla nailed it, we are "somehwere in the South" and they were boiled peanuts and yep they were YUM!!!

Flower Setting! This one was great too and my Mom's beautiful yard proved the perfect backdrop!! Too bad I didn't inherit her green thumb! Her house is like a plant/flower spa! Mine is more of the plant/flower horror house!!

Splash Setting - Not impressed!!!

Portrait Setting - Beautiful!!!

Pet Setting - Who knew???

Sunset Setting - Very Cool!!!

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  1. Your kids are just too precious. You know, I never thought about pedisure and Carnation. She has her 3 yr check up on Wednesday so we'll see what they say about her weight. I learned with my older boys that our kids will eat when they are hungry so I really haven't worried too much about it. Right now she is chowing down on some goulash (anything with noodles she loves!)