Monday, July 20, 2009


Every now and then, I pull out my old camera (you remember the non-digital ones, right?) and have a little fun! It's funny because as soon as I take a picture, the girls will ask to see it! I have to admit to a bit of impatience there as well!! I also get annoyed at not being able to snap a bi zillion pictures to get the one good shot! Yes, it sometimes takes me that many to get a good one - ugh! I just have to point, shoot and pray!! This time, however, I had the feeling that I had gotten some really great shots and delivered the precious film to CVS to await perfection!! I was greatly disappointed when I noticed that about half of the pictures were not there!! Either the old camera needs to be put out of it's misery or CVS really screwed up!! Do they know how hard it is to get my kids to pose for a picture???? Anyway, here are a few of the survivors!!


  1. Very sweet. Lizzie looks so happy in all the pictures you post of her.

  2. Your girls are just beautiful!


  3. Well, the survivors are ADORABLE! Thank you again for helping me with my fundraiser, it means so much- and absolutely you can put the fundraiser on your site- the button on my blog has the code underneath it for people to grab~! Thanks again!!

  4. Look at those precious faces.
    I have some rolls of film around here that are probably 4 years old. I think I need to get them developed.