Thursday, March 10, 2011

Act Your Age!

Just don't tell that to our 12 year old permanent foster dog, Kendall!!

When Kendall came back to us after his adoptive family could no longer care for him, he was a year and a half older, a bit um thicker around the middle and very stiff.  After some regular exercise, a little less treats and some good arthritis meds, he is - well - just watch!

Feeling quite spry again!  He has now even decided that our other permanent foster, Lily, is rather cute!!!  Not quite sure how Lily feels about older men!!  Hehe! 

Sweet Kendall has also decided that sharing his bed - with - the - cat...

is just fine!  Ok, ok, the truth is, what Memow wants, Memow gets!  Even the dogs know that and have the battle scares to prove it!  LOL!

So, while having to make sure this sweet old guy gets his SEVEN pills a day and having to coax him up the stairs and catch him when he falls, I wouldn't let him go now for anything!  Welcome home sweet Kendall!


  1. What a terrific addition to your family!

  2. OH! What a sweet gray face! We have a gray faced Golden here too. They are TOO wonderful!

    I am SOOOOOOO glad you got him back!