Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - A Blessing in Disguise

OK, so remember this post

How can this be a blessing in disguise???


Look at this bad boy!!!!!

Yep, I am once again a "truck" Mom, cause being a "minivan" Mom never felt right anyway!!


We have an extra seat, you know for friends and such.  "wink wink"

Granted, it is a 2003 and has more than a few miles on it, but it is my "blessing in disguise."

Cause, while I would have never asked for this,

I am choosing to look at this as a "blessing in disguise."  We would never have been able to afford that extra seat otherwise!  You know, for friends and such!  Hehe!!!

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Ni Hao Yall


  1. I am a "truck" mom too...and love it. I never liked the mini-van thing either! LOL

  2. I drive one of those trucks also. I love the extra seats option too . . . wink wink. Hoping we "need" to use it someday. Praying for my RH.


  3. I'm a big fan of extra seats. I don't know how I persuaded my husband to go for a minivan when we only have one child, but he knows perfectly well it was so he could never tell me we needed a new car before we could go back to China. ;)

  4. I drove my "mommy van" for five years...for the extra seat...thinking, hoping, praying I would need at least one. Never did happen, but loved my van anyway. I had to get a new vehicle last summer--got a regular car and feel so small now! Enjoy your new "truck"!

  5. Yep I love my big old TRUCK too, glad you have an extra seat, we have 2 extra seats....he-he! Anyhow, you really should blur out the license plate, even though there is NO # but there is a phone number to where you got it and if someone wanted they might call up the dealer and say they were finical company or something and get your personal info, sorry for being debbie downer but i am just looking out for you, there are people they do that!


  6. Congrats! It's always good to see the silver lining or - in this case - the truck after the accident.

  7. Girl! You're going to look great driving that.....with all the kids in the back! LOL.

  8. wooohooo!!!!! Dang, I miss my truck! We outgrew it :( Loved that thing.

    Have fun, mama-in-a-truck!

  9. Love it! I can't figure out how to convince my husband that we need to fill up our three extra seats :) or at least just one more!