Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Down Time

Down time...

Not something we have a lot of around here, so on the rare days that we don't have ANYTHING cooking, those sweet days that we actually have down time...

we take full advantage

usually on our front porch

in our rockers, with a cup of coffee

and our dogs

and those brave souls who dare to interrupt

our precious down time!!  Hehe!

What a sweet interruption...

until they have had their fill of down time!

and are off!!!

until next time

next down time - that is!!!

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  1. We are suffering a down time shortage at house right now. I'm jealous! It sounds so inviting:)

  2. I am still in love with your front porch! LOvin those giggling little girlies. Looks so fun.

  3. This was our one and only down time weekend too! Indoor ended last week, outdoor practices started this week but games didn't start this weekend. Even Chinese church wasn't going to happen this week! Hopefully we'll all be refreshed for the week, right?

  4. Nothing like a little down time on a front porch! I dream of a front porch like yours with children filling the front porch swing! Enjoy every precious moment of it!!! Love those barefeet!!! Blessings:)

  5. Okay, so I am totally lusting over your front porch :) Soooooo nice.

    I love the beautiful memories your family is making--and that we get to see them here, friend.

  6. It sounds like a perfect day! Even the dog seems to be smiling!

  7. Two of those photos - the one where Lizzie is throwing her head back laughing, and the one where she's nose to nose with Daddy (at least I think it's Daddy - I don't recognize him with the beard from that angle! :-)) actually brought a tear to my eye. Too precious for words - what great candid photos! You captured so much beauty and love and pure sweetness in those action shots.