Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Shopping CAN be Fun!

Tomorrow, we go to celebrate the 2 beautiful Emmeline's in my life!

My Mom

and my daughter

Their birthdays are both in March and while Em's was, ahem, at the beginning of the month, Mom's is at the end, so we head to Mom's tomorrow to celebrate both Emmelines, one late and one a bit early!

In true "mom of 5 kids" style, I waited until today to shop for a gift for my sweet mother!  Most of the kids had the day off from school, so off we went to my mother's favorite place on earth!

The plant store! 

The kids tried to talk me into Walmart, cause did you know that they have plants too!  They do, really - along with lots of toys!  How convenient!!!!

Nope, plants from Walmart just will not do for my Mom, the master gardener!

As soon as we arrived, the toys, or lack of toys, were forgotten as they explored the beauty of the place

and our Em's final choice...

Pink Hydrangeas, of course!!

and after all that exploring, it was time for...


It was a fun afternoon and I am looking forward to tomorrow and to celebrating the two beautiful Emmeline's in my life, one who is now 5 and one who is just a teeeeeensy bit older!!!!  Hehe!

Love you both!


  1. Pink hydrangeas! What a perfect birthday gift! Love your photos--and the beautiful name your mom and daughter share!

  2. Thank for tes beautiful photos...
    Bises Laure ( en attente de sa petite ├ętoile)

  3. Happy birthday to both of them!!!!