Monday, April 18, 2011

Slurpy Noodles

This girl loves her "slurpy noodles!"

Yep, around here food and eating (or not eating) can be kind of a battle.  We have 2 who would be very happy to survive day after day on dry cereal, french fries, peanut butter crackers and chips (Doritos to be exact)!

So when one of the afore mentioned "2" finds an actual food that they like and will eat, well that is something to celebrate and "slurpy noodles" is one of the few real foods that Miss Lizzie gets down right excited about eating!!! 

So slurp on my sweet little noodle! 

I will gladly deal with the greasy mess that is your face and I the dogs will gladly deal with the hundreds of stray noodles that don't quite make it to your mouth and I will gladly deal with the beautiful slurping sounds that fill our kitchen at mealtime, just to see you eating a food that requires an actual utensil!!!!! 

Next step, broccoli!!! 

Hey, a Momma can dream, can't she???  Hehe!


  1. Jake and Lizzie would make a very, very happy couple. LOL

  2. Love it!!

    My Shea is all about the noodles...the slurpier the better! :)

  3. Ahhh yes. The slurp. That is something that they definitely don't go over in the parenting books. But I'm with you, if they are eating then I don't terribly care what sound is coming out of them. Just read your virtual twin post too, gracious! You go girl!

  4. Too funny...our little Dongguan girl (almost 4) also loves slurpy NOODLES plus a few odd foods....Her nontraditional kid favorites include fish, gyozas/japanese dumplings, and edamame. We say that she eats like a snake (big meal once a week then nothing for a few days). Guess each kid has their own style of eating!

  5. We have lots of slurping going on here, too!! My oh my they enjoy their food!!

    Here's a idea- mix butter and ranch and put it on the broccoli! I haven't tried it yet but it sounds like a winner for the kids! Maybe your dreams will become a reality ;-)