Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Everybody's Different

Every body's different.  This is our mantra around here when questions arise about fingers and toes and why some of us have 10 and others of us, just - do - not. 

I can remember having this conversation with Lizzie the first time, the very first time she asked why, why her hands and feet were "different" than Em's.  She seemed to cling to that particular part of our conversation - everybody is different.  We talked about how the world would be such a boring place if everyone were exactly the same and how some of us have brown hair and some of us have blond hair and how that is just how the Lord made us - beautifully different. 

Lizzie is far from boring and this just seems to satisfy her realization that her hands and feet do indeed look "different" from her sisters', cause it is that difference that she seems to feel the most.

In true Lizzie style, she will pull this "mantra" out whenever she needs it and it still seems to satisfy that part of her heart that feels the "difference" every now and then because truly, it is only every now and then that my precious child even notices.  She is so chaka block full of love and life and laughter and tears (when she doesn't get her way - heh).  Lizzie just lives her life to the fullest and doesn't let much (heck anything) stand in her way.

So when something stumps her, when something shakes that "I am perfectly made" way about my Lizzie, it shakes me and I - just -want - to - make - it - all - better!!!  I know that I will not always be able to make it all better but for now, I can and if I can - I will and I hope that by reminding her that she CAN do anything that she puts her incredibly determined mind to, she will be able to help herself as she gets older and doesn't always want turn to me to make it all better!  Sigh!

Do you remember the ryhme, "Here is the Church.  Here is the steeple.  Open the doors and see all the people?"

Well, yesterday Caleb was teaching his sisters this harmless ryhme and Lizzie realized that she could not do it, that she didn't have enough fingers to make it work.  She was stumped and she was shaken and I wanted to make it all better.

So we tried and we tried and we decided that Lizzie could do it but that her Church just had less people than Caleb's Church and this made it all better - for now.

I know that there are tough times ahead and that Lizzie will have many more times that will stump her and shake her but I hope that the foundation that we are laying with her now will carry her through those times.  I hope that her mantra and amazing gusto for life will serve her well as she grows older and doens't need Mommie to make it better anymore. 

You better believe, however, that if she ever does (need me), I will be there and with the Lord's help, I will try my best to make it all better. 

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  1. Yeah for Lizzie and YEAH for her Momma who loves her so much and WANTS to make everything better! She will handle each bump with grace just as you are teaching her.

  2. It's funny that you mentioned the church/steeple rhyme because that is one of the first things that Ashton said about Emma. That and this little piggy.....We just make light of it and deal with it and go on. There are times though when I think about the difficult times that are ahead for my girl and it hurts. But she is a lot like you Lizzie and so determined and I know that God has some amazing plans for her.