Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Twins

Did you know that around here we feel like we have 3 sets of "virtual twins?" 

We have Christian and Caleb...

Who are so much alike that the things that bug Christian about Caleb, are the same things that bug Caleb about Christian!  Yeah, good times!  LOL! 

Actually, when they decide to get along, they get along SO well and Caleb just laps up the attention from his big bro, because - they - are - exactly - alike! 

Then there are the girlies, who are 2 months apart, yeah, 2 months apart,  need I say more???  Honestly, though, God is so good and His plan always so perfect.  The size difference in the girls is well, obvious

Which means that Emmeline really feels like the big sis and Lizzie loves being in that little sis role - most of the time - and it works!  Lizzie has learned so much from her "big sis" (not all of it good - heh) but it is what helped her to know just how to be a sister and a daughter, to be in a family, to know how to play and to laugh.  Oh and did I mention that unlike bio twins, as soon as Em outgrows an outfit, it goes right into Lizzie's closet!  Gotta love it!

Our last set of "virtual twins" would be that dynamic duo, Charlie and Emmeline!  Even though, like Christian and Caleb, these 2 are years apart, they are just alike!!!

They look alike and sound alike - LOUD

and can explain the world to those who will listen...

No, life is never quiet dull with these 2 around and I have a feeling the best is yet to come!!!

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Ni Hao Yall


  1. What a very happy and fun household you must have! These smiles today just melted my heart : ) I love that you can pass on the clothes from your one twin to the other : ) Cuties!

  2. What a perfect family! :) Twins love it!

  3. Oh it looks like so much fun! Having someone to ALWAYS play with! Adorable...every stinkin last one of them!

  4. Gorgeous kids - so full of life and character!!

  5. What a great time you must have together with your cuties!

  6. Looks like a fun, busy household you have!