Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Advocacy Site - help please

OK gang, before I go all public and everything, I need some input!  I have been working hard on this new site, in between trying to entertain the kids who happen to be on Spring Break, while still keeping the rest at school and on task, cause they couldn't all be on Spring Break at the same time!!!  Nooooooo, just couldn't happen!  UGH!

Anyway, if you have a spare minute (ha, I just crack myself up sometimes!), go here to Wonderful Waiting Kids and give me your feedback.  I want the good and the bad - just please be easy on me!  I have been up way too late each night just trying to get all my kiddos moved over!!  I am very excited about the new site but do want your honest opinions!

Thanks y'all and once I get this site up, I hope to have much more time to be able to post over here - Ha - there I go again, just cracking myself up!!!!  Hehe!!!


  1. Ok are you kiddin me?! I'm going to be of no help to you right now because I LOVE IT!! Girl, you did great! It's so easy to navigate and very well layed out. Now if you could only do something about the heartache I get everytime I look at those faces, that'd be super. :( Praise God that He has instilled this advocacy gift within you!

  2. Annie- WHAT AN AMAZING JOB you have done with the website. I can't think of anything else to recommend for improvement. Very easy to navigate the website, beautifully done!

  3. Annie,
    I agree it is great! Thank you for all you do to bring children like Anna(Makenzie) home!

  4. Annie!
    I love the new site! Easy to use and beautiful! Great Job!
    Krista Dolan

  5. Thank you all!!! Your words of encouragement help so much!!

  6. I think it rocks. Beautiful job!!!!