Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Soccer - Sorry

I apologize in advance for yet another soccer post but you have to understand that with all 5 kids playing the game as well as hubby coaching 3 teams and running the entire "little kids" program, there just ain't much else to post about some days!  LOL! 

So, it was another soccer filled weekend with 4 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday!  Ugh!

It was busy but it was fun!

Watching my kids play is always fun and even though they complain about practice...

They LOVE to play!

and I LOVE to watch them!

I REALLY do!!!

The girls just started a couple of weeks ago and as usual, they are "beast" - as my 13 and 11 year olds would say! 

They are no longer the "Purple People Eaters"

and are now

The mighty "Orange Crush"

I don't think they will ever get lost in the crowd and please don't ask where that pose came from!!  Hehe!

As usual, these girlies draw a crowd and with their bright orange jerseys, they are hard to miss!!!

Em and Lizzie just seem to have the "feel" for the game and while little Miss Lizzie does seem to get most of the attention, her powerhouse sister, Emmeline, is right there with her, scoring goals and wowing the crowd.

Em sometimes feels a bit overshadowed by her little sister and as hard as that can be sometimes, she never seems to resent Lizzie for it.  She questions it but always seems to accept my answers and moves on with life.  She is good that way!  These 2 make a good team on and off the field and where one is lacking, the other fills the void.  It has been rocky at times but their bond is strong and it shows, even out on that field. 

Lizzie does tend to draw people to her as she is the more social of the 2 and no one seems to expect this emense personality to come from her tiny little body.  In soccer, she also tends to attract an audience as no one expects this little wisp of a girl to be a "playa" but the minute she steps out onto that field, she is "on" and there isn't much that stops her.

Little did we know when we saw her precious little face for the first time or that twisted but perfectly adorable little foot that was completely backwards and upside down, that the Lord already knew what she would be capable of and what she needed to breathe life back into that huge spirit of hers! 

I thank Him for that every single day.

On this day, Marney even got to come

and snuggle watch the games!

I think there were some extra goals made just for her!  Hehe!

I know that soccer is just a game

but for now

it is a time for us to be together

and root each other on

and share in a wonderful community of friends

while really enjoying a game, cause win or loose

we always have fun and each and evertime I get that "thumbs up" from little Miss Lizzie

my heart just melts!

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  1. I am lovin the soccer pics!! And it is reminding me of our past- how fun it was!!

    When we first met Sam he threw a water bottle on the ground and kicked it across the room! When we told JOhnny this he was thrilled= oh ya, that's my bro!! Jim said- oh no 15 more years of soccer ;-)

    ENJOY!! it goes too fast!

  2. Those are some great captures of the joy your children have playing the game! Such fun!

  3. Sweet pics. I'm hoping that my girl will finally figure it all out! But she looks so darn cute just showing up:) Have a great week.

  4. Amazing! That tiny little Lizzie is awesome!! What a HUGE spirit she has... God really outfitted her with the perfect personality to overcome anything :)
    Loving the Orange Crush girls!!

  5. You go girl! You've got some great shots there! You never have to apologize to me for soccer posts! So cute!

  6. Gracious that is amazing to see where she was then and where she is now! Incredible! Go Orange Crush!...(which also happens to be my favorite soda...did you know that they have strawberry orange crush now? Oh. My. You must get some, delish.) Now that I am off topic I'll stop commenting now. ;)

  7. It's a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing your soccer players with us!

  8. Great shots, Annie! It is something to see how far Lizzie has come! Em is such a good sister to share the spotlight now! And the boys look ready for business! :)