Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Ours started, oh I don't know about 2 weeks ago, when the girls discovered the (empty) eggs and decided that a little practice might give them the upper hand in the hunts to come, a little pre-hunt warm up so to speak!

I am STILL finding eggs around my house! 

Then about a week ago, we ventured out to my Mom's for the critical dying of the eggs that none of my children we ever eat. 

They are not chocolate, doncha know! 

Just as soon as those chocolate chickens are invented and start laying chocolate eggs, then my kids will actually eat the kind that you dye!  Heh!

It was then time for the neighborhood hunt...

where we hunted eggs, of course....

and ate powdered doughnuts!!

and just had to stick our feet in the pool - in our Easter dresses!

Today, we flowered the Cross

and remembered the real reason we celebrate Easter...

as we hunted eggs AGAIN! 

and later, back at Mom's, swam....

and hunted those blasted eggs one last time!!!  Hehe!!!

and learned that apparently, when you are 13, you don't need an Easter basket!

when you have pockets!!

Happy Easter everyone,

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  1. Hahaha. Yeah, yall definitely got your practice in, didn't ya?? :) Don't worry, we don't eat the eggs either. I have something against eating dyed eggs that've been sitting out for a couple of days. I'm all picky like that. Happy Easter!

  2. I never ate hard boiled eggs as a child, either, but in my mind, we absolutely HAD to dye eggs. My mom pointed this out every year but she still ended up eating lots of egg salad after Easter! Love Lizzie's sunglasses that match her Easter dress!

  3. What fun! My daughter had a dyed hard-boiled egg and a chocolate egg for breakfast this am, lol.
    Here from Sunday Snapshot!

  4. What terrific fun! Happy Easter to your beautiful family!

  5. Annie, it sounds like a wonderful day was had by all! I'd love to hear more about your tradition of flowering the cross! Many Blessings! Stacy

  6. Hello!
    My name is Kathy and we are on file review right now for a little girl you have on your Blog that you refer to as LYF. She has upper arm deformities and particial fingers on each hand. A lot has changed in the updates I received last Thursday and the new ones from just this past weekend. She is using her hands very well and is independent. She is proportionately correct but is very, very, very tiny! Do you have any more information on her? My email is

  7. What fun! The girls look precious in their Easter dresses! :)