Thursday, May 5, 2011

Can You Help Bring This Child Home??

Meet "Chase"

Do you remember this wonderful young man?  He was featured on my advocacy blog as an "emergency adoption" because this precious child ages out soon - very soon. 

He now has hope, however, hope for a family, for a future!  His hope is the Ryland family and they are racing against the clock to bring Chase home, but they need help.  Please visit their blog, here .  Read their story and if you feel so led, please donate to this monumental effort to save this child!!!!  Please also share rtheir button (on my sidebar under ways to help) on blogs and FB pages as well!!!  Thanks everyone!!

1 comment:

  1. God Bless you Ann! Your support is so appreciated. And thank you to everyone who visits our page. We are barely getting to sleep each night with all the work involved in this, but God is faithful and I believe he wants this young boy to have a future full of promise and love! Our son, Tommy can't wait to meet his "big brother". Angie Rylands