Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Another Plea for Help

Last week, I posted about wonderful Peter who at the beginning of the month - aged out, Sunday Snaphot - Peter .  I was asking for donations toward a birthday gift for him.  There is now, no way to give him what he truly needs, a family, but at least we could send him a little something that helped him to know that there are families who do care and are thinking about him and praying for him. 

He wanted a Nintendo Game system and we were able to raise enough to buy him one along with 2 games!  Praise God!  A family who will be traveling over this week, will give it to him and I pray that he will understand the feeling behind it and I hope that it will somehow give him some comfort.

I wasn't going to post this next plea for help so soon after the plea for wonderful Peter.  Instead, I was going to post something about our home school trip to the Fireman's Museum and as great as it was, I just cannot bring myself to post about something like that, this Sunday. 

If you have been keeping up with sweet Stefanie's blog, Ni Hao Y'all, you have rejoiced in her wonderful news that not only were they bringing their sweet Poppy home, but the Lord had also led them to their beautiful Esther.

Sadly, beautiful Esther passed away this week.  While this precious child will never feel Stefanie's loving arms around her, she is most definitely wrapped in our Father's loving arms now and I know that will give Stefanie and her family great comfort.

So this week, I want to post about 2 beautiful children who need help, who need sponsors, who need some loving arms wrapped around them.  This is the email I received about these precious children:

Last summer my oldest daughter and I traveled to China with a mission group called Bring Me Hope, which runs summer camps for the orphans. That is where we met Ronny and Blossom.

They are currently living in a poor rural orphanage. They receive no medical care for their conditions and no schooling either. They get around on little toy push cars instead of a wheelchair. BMH staff have followed up and visited with the orphanage and reported back that it is a pretty sad place and Ronny and Blossom are the only 2 kids living there that are mentally sound. The rest are severely challenged both mentally and physically, as well as some young children.

They have been accepted by Dr. Moody, and like I said I am trying to raise support. Fund raising is not one of my gifts, but I have been working real hard on it and with the Lord's help we are at 24 sponsors. I am currently sending out another group of support letters in hopes of gathering the last 6 sponsors!
The orphanage is working on their adoption paper work as it had not been completed up to this point, that is very good news!

These precious children have been accepted into Shepherd's Field!!!  This is the wonderful care facility that provides for beautiful Noel, who has been on my advocacy site for SO long and still needs a family, BTW!
This is such a blessing for Ronny and Blossom!!
Here is the sponsor letter that Kim has sent out:
Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing to you today on behalf of two very special children that are in need of help. I had the privilege of meeting these children at the Bring Me Hope camp that Emily and I attended in China this past summer. Blossom is a beautiful and intelligent 12 year old girl with Spina Bifida and a left leg amputation. Ronny is sweet and loving 7 year old boy with what appears to be uncorrected clubbed feet. Both children are currently living in a very poor orphanage that can not provide them the necessary medical care they need, nor do they have the opportunity to attend school.

While in China, Emily and I stayed at a Christian orphanage run by an American Mission organization called the Philip Hayden Foundation. This orphanage currently cares for about 95 special needs orphans at their home called Shepherd’s Field Village (SFV). In addition to food, shelter and clothing SFV is able to provide the kids with on site medical care by a full time American doctor as well as an education by a full time Chinese teacher. It is a beautiful compound and we were blessed by the love and care the children receive every day.

We have inquired of the SFV and they have accepted both children to come and live there. In order for the kids to go to SFV, we must raise sponsorship for them to cover their medical care, schooling, and basic daily needs. I am so blessed to announce that I currently have 24 committed sponsors, though we are still in need of 6 more sponsors who would commit to a monthly sponsorship of $35. So I am asking you to prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor to these wonderful children, and dramatically improve the quality of their lives? With your sponsorship you would receive regular updates on Ronny & Blossom and their progress while living at SFV.

All contributions are tax deductible, and can easily be withdrawn automatically if you like, using the enclosed form. You can follow SFV on facebook or learn more about them at  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions as well at

Please consider sponsoring Ronny and Blossom (maybe even in honor of beautiful Esther) and help to transform their lives!!!
You can email me or just email Kim at

Thank you!

To Stefanie and her sweet family, my thoughts and prayers are with you all!!!!
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  1. Beautiful kids! Hoping their families find them quickly!