Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer is Almost Here and...

so are the creatures, the creepy, crawly, slithery creatures that only come out when the weather is warm enough to want to be outside...

So, why, why, why do they seem to want to be inside??!!

This is what I found when I opened the mudroom door the other day...

Yep, I screamed!  I screamed for Charlie who happened to be the eldest boy child with me at the time and BTW, an expert creepy, slimy creature getter outer boy child!  Have I told you how much I love having sons??  Hehe!

I wish I had thought to snap a pic of the thing when it was laying at the bottom of the mudroom stairs (IN MY HOUSE), but all I could think of was that I wanted it OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!

It was BIG, y'all!!

Really BIG

and slimy and just plain yucky!!!

I know they eat bugs and that is a good thing, a necessary thing round here, but Lord, couldn't you have made them just a bit cuter, cuddlier and just less gross????

You know, I can handle the cute little mouse that decided, for some insane reason, that he wanted to live in this house, this house with 5 kids, 4 dogs and one crazy cat!

I can handle (kind of) the coyote that showed up in our front yard.

I can even handle the gators. I grew up around gators. I looked at the laundry room window one day and saw a gator meandering across the street and thought, "Cool, I should go take pictures!"

But this thing, this thing that looks like it belongs in the Jurassic period, I cannot handle!!!!

Thank goodness I have my mighty creepy, crawly, slithery creature getter outers!

Thank goodness for BOYS!!!  Hehe!


  1. That is a southeastern five lined is big and gross and ugly, because it is in its breeding season. They are supposed to look really tough I guess. Can't see what they see in each other at this stage. Their babies will be positively ADORABLE!!!! Yes, I said ADORABLE!!!!
    They will look like this:
    (ew, long link, sorry)
    But don't let the dog/cat eat them, as they cause a sort of drunken spell with some sort of neurotoxin.
    Life in the South.

    Are you surrounded by periodical cicadas yet?

  2. Um, nasty. That's just nasty and I do not blame you one bit for screaming! Gross, gross, gross! :)It took me a minute (of staring at the screen) to figure out that it was a lizard! Ewww!

  3. Oh My! Things I can look forward to

  4. I think I hate the skinks more than any other creepy crawly. One got in our house and the cat caught it. I had to pick up the cat (skink still in mouth) take him outside and shake him until he dropped it. Meanwhile the bloody tail was still in my house!!!!! I do not blame you for screaming.

  5. Hahahahaha....I LOVE your little reptile catchers.

    You and me both, friend....HATE all reptiles. Snakes are the WORST! Totally creepy.

    What in the world was that thing anyway???


  6. Amen to that sister!!!!
    I love, love, love having my boys around to take care of me when the hubby is not home!!
    I told my boys the other day..."You all simply CANNOT grow up and leave me here with only girls left." Haha