Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Our little Lizzie is growing up! 

Our little Lizzie has her first


Honestly, y'all, I seriously just about burst into tears when we discovered this rebellious tooth! 

I mean she is too young to have a loose tooth and not just any ole tooth but one of her front teeth!  She is my baby.  I am NOT ready and...

neither is BIG sister Emmeline - the emphasis on "BIG."

Ya see, BIG sister, Emmeline hasn't had a loose tooth yet, nope, nary a one and in her 5 year old mind, this is just disrupting the natural order of things.

Em is the older sister (by 2 months) so she should have the first loose tooth, not her baby sister (by 2 months)! 

Nope, to my big girl, this just messes up the natural order of things, cause she is OLDER (by 2 months), by golly!

We - have - been - living - hard and...

eating lots of apples and corn!  Hehe!

As determined as my big girl is, I would not at all be surprised that the tooth fairely might get a 2fer!  Heh!

The other change around here is this

Yep, he did it again! 

He cut off all his hair!  Do you know how I would LOVE to have his thick, gorgeous hair and he just shaves it all off!  UGH!

I think he does it to torture me - or maybe because it is cooler in the summer??

Nah, defintitely to torture me!  Hehe!!

Oh well, he is so very handsome, with or without hair and it has already started to grow back!

SO not fair! 


  1. Awww so cute! We are experiencing much the same over here. Jacob apparently lost one tooth in China, and now Joey is starting to drop his teeth like crazy and Jacob's got nuthin. Ahhhh, sibling competition....good times, good times.

  2. Oh, my goodness! I hope Emmeline can lose a tooth first! How can your littlest have a loose tooth already?

  3. What a big girl! :) Max (10) gets a little upset whenever Sydney (7) gets yet another loose tooth. Part of it might be because most of his are being held in by orthodontic equipment. I am not about to remind him of that though. He is already mad at us for making him get the braces, etc. He thinks it should have been his choice because it is his body. Poor kid!