Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

So, wanna know what I did on Mother's Day this year?

The same thing I have done on Mother's Day for the last few years...

That's right!!!!

I spent my entire Mother's Day at the end of the season soccer tournament!

Now, I do LOVE watching my boys (and girls) play some good soccer...

but we had to be at the fields by 7:30 for an 8:00 game - all the way across town - wwaayy across town!

Ahem, we didn't make it at 7:30 but we were there with 5 minutes to spare

Did I mention that hubby is the assistant coach!  Hehe!

Well, for my gift, Charlie's team beat up on another team whose parents think that ringing a cow bell, a big, loud cow bell every time their boys' score somehow teaches them good sportsmanship???  They got to ring that bell once and then our boys put about 4 or 5 in, to win the game!  Clang, clang, clang!!!  Heh!

They came across the field arm in arm saying "Happy Mother's Day!"

Thank you boys!

Caleb decided that a good gift for me would be to win the championship!!!!!! 

Way to go boys!!!

The best presents of all, though, were those the kids made and gave from the heart.

Sweet Lizzie decided that she would give me all the money in her piggy bank, "cause I know you don't got no money, Momma!"   OK, we will work on her grammer AFTER I stop lovin' on her!!!!

Miss Em thought that she would give me one of my old stuffed animals that she had carefully smuggled  brought back from JuJu's house and had been sleeping with.  Sweet child!

And my sweet Caleb wrote a little book at school about me!  I have to say, it was wonderful!  At least this year, I am not 100 years old and 8 feet tall!!!  LOL!

Here are the highlights:

My fav thing to do - walk our dogs - yeah aren't your brothers suppossed to do this??? 

My fav food - salad - yeah buddy, those peanut M&M's are just for decoration, really!!!  Hehe!

My fav tv show - House Hunters - yep, it is just about the only show on tv with no violence, no s-x and no obsenity!!  Sigh!

In my spare time I like to do - yoga - with 5 kids, 4 dogs and one crazy cat, it is a necessity!!!

She gets upset with me when - I yell when she is on the phone - if he knows this then WHY do he and his siblings keep doing it????  Heh!

She loves it when - I get in the bed with her - oh yeah, gotta love Caleb snuggles!

The happiest I ever saw my Mom was - the day I was born - okedokey, no problem with Caleb's self esteem!!!  Hehe!

I love her because - she is the most nicest Mom in the world - Awwwwww!!!! - extra dessert for Caleb tonight!!!! 

I hope my Mom will always - Be beside me!!!!!!  ALWAYS sweet boy!

So what did the older 3 do?  You know, Christian, Charlie and Hubby! 

My favorite flavored water, Almond Joys and a Target Gift card!  They know me so well!!!  Hehe!

Yep, it was a good day, an early day but a good day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the great Moms out there and most especially MY great Mom!


  1. Oh, what a terrific Mother's Day you had! :)

  2. I love these pics! Especially of all the boys together!