Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Spring Break...

finally comes to an end!!! 

Not that I want it to, cause I am SO ready for summer and NO schedule and NO school and NO homework and (dare I say it???) NO soccer - at least for a little while - hehe!!

This year, however, we had TWO spring breaks, yep, as in one child had his the week before Easter and the rest had theirs the week after Easter!!  Yeah, kind of hard to plan anything when someone is always still IN school!  UGH! 

Em thought it was great, however, as it was awfully hard for me to concentrate on any kind of school (even home school) when I was trying to make sure that the kids who were off were entertained and the kids who were at school didn't get forgotten - at school!!!

I also chose these 2 weeks to try and get my new advocacy site up and running!  I never claimed to be a super genius!

So, what did we do on our very last day of a 2 week spring break??? 

We went to the farm!  Most of us did anyway!  The eldest had a soccer tourney (way out of town) and the second son spent his last night of freedom with friends!  Sigh!!!

The lucky ones, however, went to the farm!

My brother and his wife have a beautiful place that the kids often compare to Disney World, full of all kinds of big toys...

and rides

that Miss Lizzie thought she was big enough to drive!!!

It is a place where you can just exhale for a while

Mind you, they live there so they probably don't sit around exhaling all the time, but we DO - except when Lizzie is driving!!!  Heh!

There's lots of fishing

and just plain old relaxing

with goofy cousins,

and each other

and of course their beloved JuJu!

It was a great place to catch our breath before school and homework and soccer begin again!  The long, lazy, hazy days of summer are almost here and it is about time!!!

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