Friday, May 20, 2011

Girls Rule

When it comes to soccer, my girls just don't mess around

I am telling ya, these girls just

take - no - prisoners!  Hehe!

It helps to have 3 big brothers who

on a weekly basis...

get 'er done!

The girls have their end of the season soccer party tomorrow and while I am glad for a little break, I would much rather see this...

than this...

I am SO not ready for that!!!  Hehe!!!


  1. Your kids know how to get their game on! Hey, I want to thank you for your making memories post, the one with the creaking floors and screen door. It came at a perfect time to lift my spirits after an ugly conversation with a negative person concerning his opinion about Moms that work from home. Making happy memories is so important. Great game guys!-Joy

  2. We just about have the same pics on our blogs. Too funny! I'm just not sure why we don't live closer to each other because we'd be seeing each other ALL THE TIME! Love it when the girls rock it out on the field!

  3. Uh Oh....has daddy got his gun ready yet? Em looks pretty confident in herself! :) They sure look confident out on the field too! So cute!

    Have a great week! (Hope to be back in the blogging world soon...been busy around here).