Monday, March 22, 2010

I thought I had her - darn!!!

The food battle continues. Sigh!!!

Lizzie will agree to being restricted from snacks in the afternoon if she doesn't eat her lunch, however....

She has a very selective memory and gets very upset about NOT getting snacks when everyone else does.


I videotaped her, thinking I would show it to her later when the inevitable tantrum began(you know, kind of like evidence) and do you know what that little stinker did???

She didn't get upset!!! I was armed and ready and she didn't get upset!!

I think she got me??? Hehe!!


  1. So did she get upset when she didn't get a snack when the boys came home?

  2. Oh, too funny...I think they are way smarter than us sometimes. Our girl Kara really knows how to play momma too! We took her to developmental preschool evaluation this past week. They said that they wanted to clone her b/c she was soooo good. Ugh. What happened to the volatile little teary child who entered my car that morning? Gotta love it.

  3. How absolutely sweet! What a little stinker you have :) Toooooo cute.