Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Pied Piper or the Tom and Jerry Chronicles

Ok, I thought this post appropriate coming on the heels of the Blog Hop/Pets post and considering the events of this morning! You see, I think the word must be getting out in the animal community around here about this Pet Palace we seem to be running. Before our wonderful neighbors moved in next door, I do believe there was a Kitty Cat Brothel being run from underneath that house and how we didn't end up with more cats over here, I will never understand, but I digress! About a month ago, we had our first encounter with a very cute little mouse - in our house!! Now you have to understand that we have a doggie door and a cat door in our mudroom, so his visits (yes that would plural) consisted of the bottom of the stairs of the mudroom, running in terror from our cat and our dogs (HELLO - house of pets here - with teeth), that is until this morning! Have I ever written here about how wonderful it is to have sons????? No??? Well let me tell you, ever single time this really "silly" (I am being kind here) mouse has made it into our house, my sons have taken over. I swear I think that mouse must keep stumbling over here after having one too many at the Kitty Cat Club next door!! Anyway, this morning, Christian got the mouse box (yes, we have a designated mouse box - what!) and proceeded to try and catch our mouse to put him back outside (we won't mention the time that I made hubby trap a mouse in a humane trap and then drive him to the next town - again, what!) Anyway after a heroic effort from Christian (that includes the mouse climbing up the outside of his pant leg - yikes), the mouse finally decided to get smart and climb in the box and I, being the good bloggy Momma that I am, decided that I HAD to get a picture of our newest "pet."

While I managed to get a fairly decent pic of our little mousey friend, son #2 decided that he needed a pic too because what 10 year old boy wouldn't want a pic of a mouse in his house, right? Well in Charlie's effort to get the "perfect" mousey picture, our little friend decided that he had had enough of all the paparazzi and decided to bail. Yes, our furry little friend jumped out of his mousey box (ingrate) looking for an upgrade, I suppose! That upgrade however was my kitchen (oh no you don't)!! Christian spent the next few minutes chasing the little ingrate around my kitchen until he was able to shoe him out of the house and onto the back porch, where I am convinced he took up residence in one of the 2 very nice decorative bird houses we have back there! As he was running around my kitchen, dodging the cat and the 3 dogs, looking for the big block of Swiss cheese, I am almost certain I heard, "Bonjour Monsieur Pussy Cat!!!!" Hehe!!!!


  1. ICK! I hate those things! Sorry...I know you are quite an animal lover, but we had one a few seasons ago in my kitchen and it just runs fast and you never know where! YUCK! Good thing those boys could catch him!

  2. I don't like outside critters inside my house either! Besides, my over-fed cat probably wouldn't know what to do with a mouse if stopped right in front of her. Glad you finally caught up with it!

  3. Okay... so... this is one reason I wish I had sons. Or at least a daughter who was not afraid of critters. I hate being on mouse/ insect/ spider patrol. Because it's worse if our cat gets them... he eats, then throws it up.

    (Oh... sorry... was that too much information?)

    (Welcome to my life.)