Monday, March 8, 2010

Upcoming Review of Offi YooDo Large Scale Construction Toy

I am so excited about an upcoming review for a wonderful online store, CSN. They contacted me and asked if I would like to do a review of one of their great items and given our recent financial situation, I thought, "Well, yeah!!" or as my 12 year old would say, "Well, duuu!!!"

I was like a kid in a candy store, because I mean they have EVERYTHING!!! What really caught my eye were their kids beds . All of our kids' beds are hand me downs (which is great) but when the girls came along, I suddenly had dreams of 2 beautiful twin beds paired with all of the gorgeous items that we brought home from China. Sigh!!! We are not in a position right now to buy new beds but I do think CSN has some great items at really reasonable prices.

I mean how cute would this bed be in a little girl's room, plus the extra storage, not to mention the adorable puppy!! I am such a sucker for puppies:) Or how about this tent bed for the boys!!! How cool is that!!

Anyway the toy we picked to review is Offi YooDo Large Scale Construction Toy .

Ok, so I know that it has a funny name but boy does it look cool!! I cannot wait to see what my kids will make with this and how long it will take for them to destroy it!!! Hehe!!

Honestly though CSN has a great listing of special needs toys, all designed to help with OT and PT. Being the Mom of two kids with SID, I was very glad to see that a lot the toys they had would work well for any kind of sensory issues!!

The kids are so excited to be able to do this review and I cannot wait to give you our honest review of this very cool toy. Stay tuned and don't forget to check out their online store at CSN Stores

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