Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Watch Me!!

Do you know what this is???

It is a shadow puppet of a dog, and a darn good one. Lizzie decided in the car one day that she was going to make shadow puppets. So - she - did!

What frustrated her the most? Not that she has missing fingers or fingers that aren't quite long enough or fingers that are still "stuck" together, no!! It was that the sun wouldn't cooperate!! It kept changing direction (totally Mom's fault because I was driving, don'tcha know) and screwing with her "canvas"!! I just LOVE this girl!!

Oh and did I happen to mention that last Saturday our little Soccer star made her first goal - during her first game!!!

Her shin guards come up high enough to qualify as tights and her tiny cleats (the smallest we could find) are still way too big for her precious little feet (I had to stuff a ripped up cloth diaper in the toes to make them fit), but that didn't stop our littlest soccer star!!

She ruled the field that day and as soon as she made that goal, do you know what she did????

My sweet girl turned to make sure Momma was cheering and then she ran across that field as fast as those little legs would go, arms outstretched with the biggest smile on her beautiful face - right into her Momma's outstretched arms!!

I think I have told just about everybody about that goal and Lizzie? Well, if you ask Lizzie she will proudly tell you that she made a "goalie!" Hehe!! No matter how you say it sweet girl, you are amazing and I am so incredibly proud to be your Momma!!

In China you were labeled as "special needs". Ha!!

Special, heck yeah but "needs?" I don't think so!

The only thing you "needed" was the love of a family, of our family and I feel so blessed to have been able to witness your remarkableness. Your "need" was to be taken from that orphanage and to be told that you could do whatever you put your very determined mind to and that you were "special" but not in the way that was your "label." You are special because you are Lizzie, our Lizzie, God's Lizzie and I thank Him everyday for this beautiful journey that I share with you, my amazing daughter!


  1. That was just a beautiful post and I couldn't agree more. Lizzie, in her short little life, has outdone everyone's expectations, at least those people in the first part of her life! She has great things in her future and she does have a wonderful family.

  2. Isn't it amazing what the love of a family can do for a child...

    I love this post!!!

    I love how God works in our lives...
    I love how He blesses us with our children and gives us the privilege of parenthood!!

    Your Lizzie is indeed one special little girl!!

  3. Such a sweet post! It is so funny when our little ones discover their shadows! Our Chloe says that her shadow is her best friend.

    I love your blog! What a precious family you have :)

  4. Very great post! I love her reaction. Claire is playing soccer too. The other day she kicked it really far and then turned to Paul and the coach and said, "it's too far, I'm not running after it!" LOL!

  5. When I want a shadow puppet, I have to put the dog between the lamp and the wall.

    What a special beautiful girl/goal/mom...

  6. Congratulations to Lizzie on making her first goal! I can only imagine how you felt, Annie, when she made the goal and then turned and ran into your arms!

    What a beautiful post!