Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - My Front Porch

My Sunday Snapshot this week is all about my front porch!! Kind of odd but I love my front porch!! To participate in Sunday Snapshot or to read more great Snapshots click here:

Ni Hao Y'all

So on to my front porch! I love rocking chairs, porch swings and trees and that is why I love my front porch.

It has rocking chairs

a front porch swing

and a great view of lots of trees!!!

It is a great place to look for tree frogs

or to take pics

like first big girl pants pic

and first day of school pic

or first Cotillion pic

and first snow (in a very long time) pic!!!

We remember all of our sweet pups who have passed on here

and document each Christmas here

Most of all, though, it is just the best place to watch the world go by

I have had lots of heart to heart's on my beloved front porch, as well as picnics (especially when I have just swept the kitchen floor - hehe). I have even gotten to escape there for a few beautiful, albeit fleeting moments of peace with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. I love my front porch. It truly is my little piece of paradise right here at home!!!


  1. It sounds like a slice o' heaven! I sure would love to come over and hang out on that porch swing with you for an afternoon :)

  2. My Aunt in Louisiana had a big porch like that. I always loved visiting her just to swing on her porch. The house was probably falling down around us but nobody cared as long as you could sit on the front porch.

  3. You are making me jealous! Your front porch looks like the absolutely perfect place! I hope to have one someday :)

    ps I LOVE the first photo!

  4. Oh! I LOVE your front porch too! It looks like our porch in our farmhouse. I miss our farmhouse so much! :) thanks for sharing the pics!

  5. Now that is one mighty fine front porch. I would love to join you for a glass of wine on that porch some day. Wouldn't that be the internet world at its best?

  6. That is my dream front porch! We currently have no front porch, not even a screen door. They are just not common around here.

  7. I love porches. There used to be a calendar, but I haven't found it in the last few. Our porch could be a refuge like soon as we move.

  8. Oh!My!

    What an amazing front porch!!!
    I love, love, love the rocking, chairs, swing, and the view!!

    I'm with Stefanie, how wonderful would it be to hang out with you on that gorgeous front porch!!

  9. Would love to plan a bloggy get together on my front porch!!! Hehe!!