Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

This week's Sunday Snapshot is all about my Mom's yard! Weird, I know but bear with me a bit!

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Anyway, on to my Mom's yard. Do you have something that can just take you right back to your childhood? I mean really take you back!

My Mom's yard is one of those things for me.

You see, my Parents have lived in the same house for about 41 years. That just does not happen very often these days and I think it is kind of a shame.

I mean, I know there are pros and cons to living in the same place for your lifetime just as there are pros and cons to moving around a bit, but I guess I know only of my experience and it has been very comforting to be able to go home, truly home, when I needed to.

Hubby's family moved quited a bit as he was growing up and an advantage he gained was his ability to make friends a heck of a lot easier than I do. He is much more social and handles change better than I. I tend to be a home body and am still closest to the friends that I had growing up.

But once again, I digress!! My Mom is a wonderful gardener - a green thumb! She has always loved to work in the yard and has always managed to have a beautiful garden.

Unfortunately, I did not inherit her green thumb. Not only do I not have her green thumb (who thought of that phrase anyway), but I would have to admit that I have a definite brown thumb! She has not lost hope, however and will still give me a beautiful "green" plant every so often that ALWAYS turns "brown" in my house. I have told her that those poor plants must scream in terror as they leave the plant spa (her house) and come to the plant house of horrors (my house)!!

Maybe she's right? Maybe there is hope? Maybe I don't have a true brown thumb after all? Maybe it is simply a "5 kids and no time to water" thumb!!! Hehe!

When I go home, especially this time of year, I am instantly transported back to my childhood. The Camilla's are fading and the azaleas are in bloom, the dogwoods are beautiful and all the trees are so green.

I can remember sitting in my room as a child and listening to the wind in the tall pine trees and watching them sway. It was such a peaceful feeling and I know that is why I have always loved having trees around me.

As soon as those azaleas started to bloom, my brother and I would head out, usually in our pj's, to pick a beautiful bouquet for Mom! She could make even the worst cut flowers look like a professional arrangement!!

I can remember playing all kinds of imaginary games in that wonderful yard. We would climb trees, hide among the bushes and catch fireflies at night!

I have some wonderful memories from my Mom's yard and now - my kids are making their own wonderful memories in that yard.

Thanks Mom!


  1. Oooh, I bet her yard IS gorgeous? Someone with a green thumb caring for it for 41 years!?! WOW!!
    So cool that your kids are playing in the same yard you played in as a child!!
    Great Snapshot, Annie :)

  2. I know what you mean about living in the same house and bringing back memories. Mine have lived in that same house a few blocks from your mom since August of 1967----I was starting Jack and Jill Kindergarten and Dad retired from the Air Force. I love going home. Now my son has his 3 rooms; his tv room was my first childhood bedroom in that house. It seemed so large then but so small now. I hate to think of selling it one day.

  3. I? Have a total black thumb. *sigh* Your mom's garden is gorgeous. And congrats on your bloggy award!