Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

Thought I would join in again this Sunday and I am afraid I am being a bit of a copycat, but hey, it's Easter and well, I have lots of cute Easter pics!! So, my Sunday Snapshot is:

Ni Hao Y'all


We started the weekend with a quick trip down to E. Beach to visit my cousin and her boys. The girls always have so much fun with them, but this time they couldn't wait to go to bed so the Easter Bunny could come!

I really don't know what I am going to threaten them with now!! Christmas is still eight l-o-n-g months away and Easter, even longer!! All I had to say was, "The Easter Bunny (or Santa) is watching," and the fussing would stop and the smiling would start!!

Is there a 4th of July fairy??

Nooo?? I didn't think so! Sigh!!

Anyway, they were VERY excited about the bunny and the chocolate!

Stefanie, does Lizzie's footwear look familiar??? Hehe!! She was too excited to let me take her brace off before she inspected her loot!!

As we were packing up to leave the beach and go to JuJu's house, I noticed that Christian had packed up his sister's bag. OKaaaaaa!! Why??

Can you see what is in the bag??

Yep, he had packed his sister in his sister's bag

and she thought it was great!!

Apparently it was so much fun that big sister had to try it too!!!

After we packed the girls, I mean the car, we headed to JuJu's house for the great Easter Egg hunt! The eggs were hidden and one very special egg contained a $5 bill for some lucky young egg hunter!

The first round of mighty egg hunters in their Easter finest,

Round two!

Finally, the big guys!

The search was on for the "golden" egg,

It didn't take Charlie long, however!!

Then it was time for some more cute pics, while the dresses were still clean!!

So much for clean dresses!!! Sigh!!

Then it was time for a dip in the pool!! Really??? Even though we are in the South and even though it is April, we have had an unusually cold Spring and that water is still REALLY COLD!!

The kids didn't care, though!!!

It is April and it is Spring Break,

therefore, we must swim!!! Hehe!!

Even Taz couldn't resist,

or Memow!!

Happy Easter!


  1. I missed your mouse story so have scott trying to identify it for you :-0
    I loved the pix esp the last one since we are cat people here! Happy Easter

  2. Beautiful, and your mom looks fantastic! I hope she is well.

    Memoow looks Exactly like my Miles in that picture---mine sleeps the same way.

  3. What a great bunch of pictures... looks like one amazing day!! Loved the shots of Lizzie in that bag, she's a crack up :)
    Your girls look so beautiful in their dresses! Such sweet sisters! What a beautiful family you have, Annie!
    P.S. Oh yes, I definitely recognize those boots... we have THREE sets that go on nightly now at our house ;)

  4. Great photos! Isn't it great that the weather FINALLY warmed up??? I love the photo of the kitty with the Easter eggs! I'm surprised my fat cat didn't try to squeeze into one of the Easter baskets for a nap.

  5. What a wonderful day!!
    Such fun for all!
    Love the dog in the pool and the kitty surrounded by eggs!

    ALL participants cute, cute, CUTE!

  6. What an ARMY you have down at your house...Makes for more fun on Easter Egg Hunts! Your Kiddos are so beautiful. I love the girls in the bags, so cute! Thanks for sharing and Happy Spring.

    Donna :0)