Thursday, July 8, 2010


As in tire!!!

Yes, the dreaded flat tire - on a major highway - with big trucks - and hubby out of town - UGH!!!


On this day...

On this major highway...

With big trucks...

And hubby out of town...

In ride my knights in shining armour...

My boys!!!

Christian and Charlie knew exactly what to do to change the tire

and Caleb was left in charge of the pretty ballerinas in the car

who never made it to dance class that day!

It was an adventure!

We did have one sweet soul stop and help, but only one! I mean we were in a minivan with 3 young boys and 2 pretty ballerinas. How could all those other motorists resist???? Hehe!!

I have mentioned how much I love having boys???


  1. Thems MY boys!!!!
    Love ya

  2. Tell your boys I am very impressed. Dad taught them well!

  3. What helpful boys you have! I can't believe more people didn't stop to help when you had such a car full of cute kids!

  4. Wow! and they are so young--tell hubby he did one heck of a job training them!!!! They're better than AAA, which is what I would've had to call!

  5. BOYS ARE GREAT!!!! low on drama too! Yes i know my grass will be mowed and my snow shoveled.....BOYS ARE GREAT!

    Glad you got that done, you should of called the staties in!(ST. TROOPERS)


  6. Glad all were safe and proud of your doods.