Friday, July 16, 2010

Four Wheeling Fun??? Not so much!!!

So my sweet Caleb went to visit the farm - my brother's farm and once again came home with what we like to call, a battle scar!

About a month ago, Caleb spent the night at the farm and ended up with a couple of stitches in his head. From what I understand, his head had a run in (literally) with a ceiling fan!! Something about trying to FLY!!! Sigh!!

This visit his neck, apparently had a run in (again literally) with some barbed wire!!! OK, from "sigh" to HYPERVENTILATING!!!

You see, the farm has 4 wheelers. I do not like 4 wheelers. I have always been concerned about my boys driving or just riding those 4 wheelers.

My first warning was when our level headed crazy man Charlie decided to drive one of the 4 wheelers into the pond!! I guess he thought that taking a dip with the snakes and alligators would be fun! YIKES!

Fast forward to Wednesday of this week and Caleb's unfortunate dance with the 4 wheeler, the barbed wire and his neck - warning number two and warning enough for this Momma!

I guess the concept of TURNING THE WHEEL, eludes my boys!!


No more 4 wheelers - nada - zip - zero - no way no how - putting the kibosh on - never again in a million years!!! Well, ok, at least until they are adults and can make their own stupid decisions and I am not paying for their medical bills! Heh!!

and as a footnote: I know that there are many people who drive 4 wheelers very responsibly, but my boys - not so much!


  1. You and I must be the only people who feel that way; I thought I was the only one.

  2. Mmm...the stories I could tell. A helmet really is only half the story isn't it?

  3. Oh, Annie!!!! That had to be so scary!!!! I do not blame you for putting an end to four wheelers. Yikes!!!!

  4. No...ya'll aren't alone there!
    I hate those things - have seen way too many accidents.
    The definition of "fun" doesn't include anything about "may possibly end your life" in my dictionary.