Saturday, July 31, 2010

How do you beat the heat???

It has been so HOT here!!!!  We are talking heat index's of 120 degrees people!! 

So what do you do when it is a bizillion degrees outside?

The neighborhood pool feels more like a bath tub and the Popsicles melt before you can even get the darn things open!

You can play inside, but after an entire day of playing treasure hunt, you begin to get a little stir crazy and the natives begin to get restless,  and when the inmates kids way outnumber the guards parents, it can get a little scary, ya'll!!!  Hehe!! 

So, you come up with another plan,

Who knew,

a bucket and a water hose could be so fun

but on a HOT summer day,

it was a beautiful thing!

What do you all do to beat the heat??


  1. Aww, how fun. We have been at the local pool a ton. We also recently went out and played in the rain in our swimsuits (still have not got those pics up on my blog but am working on it)! My kids hate being outside in the heat and water play in the yard is not an option so we stay inside and do art, puzzles, library books, and then the park late in the evening.

  2. stay in my air-conditioned house or air-conditioned car

  3. airconditioned places!!! Free movie morning at the mall!!! Pool!!! Still looks like ur kids are having more fun!

  4. Head to the river!
    The water there is still cold even when the pool is warm and disgusting. We are going tubing as our last family fun event before school.

  5. Who knew dumping a bucket of water over your head would be so much fun!! The simple things are definitley the best, love it!

  6. We find water too....everywhere!

    HOT here too, friend. I don't mind it--after CO this is heaven on earth to this Southern Hemisphere girl :)