Monday, August 16, 2010


OK, so before Lizzie came home I was freaking out researching quite a bit and came across some wonderful books. One of which is Views from our Shoes.

It is a fabulous book told from the perspective of kids, kids who have siblings with special needs. It is funny and heartwrenching and beautiful and sometimes hard to read but it is a truly great book for kids and parents.

When I ordered it, I assumed that it might include kids who had siblings with special needs similar to Lizzie's, however, it is more about siblings with needs such as autism, cerebal palsey, down syndrome and the like.

After reading it and laughing and crying, I decided that it might be better used by some other beautiful family.

So, if you are the first person to leave me a comment stating that you would like this wonderful book, I will mail it to you - free!!!

Cause I really love my readers and I really love this book!!!


  1. I'd love it :) my e-mail is for my address

  2. Oh thanks for sharing! Looks like a wonderful fun book.