Friday, August 7, 2009

15 minutes of pure bliss!!

Looky what I got this morning!! 15 minutes of pure bliss and peace and quiet and coffee:) I awoke this morning to the sound of "Momma" from upstairs and a pair of 6 year old feet in my face (but that's a different post)! I got up and got dressed and listened and then heard - nothing! Could it be?? I strained my ears and checked the monitor (is it actually on?) and sure enough, nothing! So, there I was up and dressed and NO ONE else was awake!! WOW!! What do I do? Do I check email, do I dust off the yoga tapes, do I prepare a gourmet breakfast for everyone - yeah right!!! As I as pondering my whole new world of possibilities, our bladder challenged puppy dog looked longingly into my eyes. Translation - gotta go Momma!! So I grabbed a cup of coffee and off to the front porch we went - just the dogs and me! For 15 glorious minutes this morning I enjoyed an uninterrupted cup of coffee while swinging on my front porch swing and soaking up the quiet! Amazing how relaxed I was by the time the call of "Momma" came again!!

The only one missing was our 90 pound teddy bear - Tazzie


  1. Oh I LOVE when that happens! Though, sadly, I can count on one hand the times that is has. :) I'm glad you got to have a peaceful moment to re-charge for the day.


  2. Ah, the doggies and cat got "momma time".

  3. Wow, you have a gorgeous porch -- it looks as big as our living room! Congrats on the 15 minutes, ahhhhhh.

  4. I love your porch.
    If I woke up first, I think I would smile and go back to sleep.