Saturday, August 8, 2009

Painted Lady!

A local shopping center had a block party tonight with jump castles and face painting, so of course we had to go because everybody wants to get their face painted! The kids all waited patiently in line while they deliberated what they would choose to adorn their faces. There was much discussion about the tiger versus the frog, versus the smiley face. In the end they ALL wanted to be a tiger! OK, easy enough! For once, I didn't have to get the pen and paper out to write down what all the kids wanted so I wouldn't get it wrong! Hehe!! After waiting for what (in kid time) seemed like FOREVER, it was finally our turn! Sure enough, all of our boisterous, energetic and just plain LOUD kids suddenly became mute!! Little Lizzie was the ONLY one who found the courage (and her voice) and decided that she wanted a heart! Very appropriate for this tiny girl with such a gigantic heart! What happened to the tiger and my LOUD children?? Oh well, Lizzie wasn't to sure about it at first, but as soon as she looked in the mirror she LOVED it and spent the rest of the night showing everyone her "paint"!!!

Look at that beautiful face!!

I had to post this one because it really shows the difference in size of my 3 year old virtual twins!! Keep eating that candy baby girl!!


  1. Oh that's just precious. Wow, you are right about the size difference. But they are both just as cute as can be!


  2. She is tiny, Annie - definitely smaller than the Tongginator at that age, which is saying something. I think my niece might be as petite as Lizzie though. She is three-and-a-half and about 25 pounds.