Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome Visitors!!

Can you see what is in the picture? It was the best I could do without scaring them away. There is a family of deer that come and hang in our backyard from time to time and they are soooooooo cute!!! I just love all the wildlife that we see in our yard. We have seen our cute family of deer, turkeys, an albino squirrel and a big FAT possum that moseys up our drive way whenever he gets hungry. The only guest I wanted to kick out was the alligator that we saw taking a stroll across the street!! My 9 year old wanted a picture of it on his cell phone, soooo being the wonderfully cool (insane) mother that I am, I got his phone and took some pictures. Easy enough, until he started hissing at me!! I guess he wasn't ready for his close up!!


  1. We have lots of wild life hanging around our house too (not to mention the wild life in the house:)! It is neat to be able to see it with your eyes; except for the bobcat. The bobcat mangles our cats; very territorial animals. We used to have a opppossum that would scratch at the back door when the outside catfood bowl was empty.

  2. Scary about the bobcat!! Thank goodness we haven't seen one of those. We did see a coyote once! That was spooky!! So far the possom hasn't scratched at the back door but give it time:) I do wonder sometimes why the deer hang in the back yard with all my wildlife inside too!!! hehehe