Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Remember this post????

Re-advocating for this special little girl

I was asked by Lynn at WACAP to please re post about this beautiful little girl in the hopes that she can find a family soon. It is so great to know that wonderful agencies like WACAP truly care about the children that are entrusted to them. Thank you Lynn for being such an angel for these kids!! I was asked to re post about her and of course I will. Please pass the word about this very special soul!!

Girl, age 12, severe burns, speaks English, up to $9,750 grant/waivers, time running out
We need a family to adopt a talented 12-year-old orphan girl from Asia with severe facial and hand burns. Her situation would be greatly improved if she could be adopted soon. This girl has had successful surgery in the United States. According to her host family, she speaks English well. She is also a gifted sculptor and artist who likes to draw. She loves pets and soccer. WACAP has waived its application fee for this child, so there is no financial obligation if you would like to ask for her photo and complete file. Up to $9,750 in grants and waivers are available to an eligible registered family who adopts her. Please feel free to forward this post, especially to families familiar with burn issues.
 She was found with a note indicating her birth date.
 She suffered severe facial and hand burns when she was 2 years old and was brought to the orphanage.
 She cried out for her mother at first but then adjusted to orphanage life.
 She speaks clearly, likes to sing, and has normal development and a good memory.
 She has an outgoing personality and gets along well with others.
 She can draw very well and is artistic, sculpting very fine characters with dough.
 She uses her hands well and cleans very efficiently.
 She is recovering well after her second plastic surgery (completed in the U.S.).
 Her U.S. host family reports that she speaks English well.
 There is a $4,000 Promise Child grant available to eligible registered families for this adoption.
 Please ask about a possible additional fee waiver of up to $5,000.
 The application fee of $250 has been waived.
 The pre-approval fee of $500 has been waived.
 Married couples please ask about a possible exemption from a requirement (determined on a case by case basis).
 YD.0297.16195.01
WACAP (www.wacap.org) is a non-profit adoption agency. Please contact FamilyFinders@wacap.org or 1-800-732-1887 for additional information and to see her photo. There is no fee involved to see her file and photo.

Well it looks like this special little girl has found her family!!!
I just love hearing happy endings like this one and thought I would share!!!

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