Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boys Just Love to Flip

Two of the boys and I spent the day and night with my folks. My Dad's health is deteriorating rapidly and it has been very hard on my Mom lately. My wonderful hubby took the girls home with him (our eldest was spending the night with a friend) and the other 2 boys and I got to hang with JuJu and help with GaDa!! As I watched the boys swim (cause JuJu's house comes complete with a pool and candy), I thought I would try to get some pics of them as they swam. The boys really got into it and we ended up having a great time just trying to get some cool shots. I did get soaked but we did get some pretty neat shots, especially for MY camera:) Have I mentioned that I would like a nicer camera??? These were all taken on the "sports" mode - even the butterfly!!

Boys love to flip


and to cannonball

and to dive

and apparently walk on water - this one was taken a night and didn't look as good but it sure does look like Charlie is walking on water!!!

and I just couldn't resist the butterfly!

It was a wonderful and difficult time and I was so glad to be able to be there for my parents. The beautiful man that I was smart enough to marry sent me this before I went to my parents' and I just had to post it. It is wonderfully done and worth watching and can help to remind you of those things in life that matter the most and what is important, even when it wasn't always perfect.

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  1. I'm so sorry that your dad's health is declining. We well know how hard that can be to see... my dad is healthy, but my husband's father was ill for many years before he passed away last fall. Huge hugs to you and your mom.