Friday, August 14, 2009

Em in all her glory!!

If you recall a couple of posts back, I wrote about my adventure in "big girl pants" shopping with my pretty princess who wants to be a boy when she grows up (or a baby doctor/ballerina - she really can't decide). After much whining and nashing of teeth (and that was just from me), we compromised on purchasing some pretty pink big girl pants IF and only IF she could wear some of her big bro's Diego pants:) Well, just had to get a picture for prove or black mail, whichever comes first!! Hehe:)

I also just HAD to post this picture!! Hubby took this picture at the pool this afternoon. To me, this picture captures Em's gusto for life!!! I LOVE it:) It terrifies me at times, but mostly I just revel in it!! Love ya girlie:)


  1. Whatever works! She seems to be a girl that knows what she wants and how to get it! Ought to serve her well in life.

  2. Nothing wrong with Diego! I know someone *cough, cough - me* who loved her some Spiderman underoos.