Monday, August 10, 2009

Sorry Ebay!!!

So just last night I was breaking the bad news to my hubby that I was Ebay bound in the next few days to try and find some dresses for Em. She either grows an inch every time I put a dress on her or my dryer is some sort of a super duper shrink-a-nator!! Well then today, in rides my wonderful friend on her white horse and bag FULL of clothes for Em that her gorgeous daughter had outgrown. She had barely gotten her foot in the door when Em spotted the bag! It took less than about 3 seconds for her to ever so stealthily (is that a word?) mosey on over, grab the bag and dump the contents on the floor. The next 30 minutes were spent sifting through the dresses and shirts and pants and trying on whatever struck her fancy! At one point, she sat in the midst of all her new clothes, in her big girl pants (she was in between wardrobe changes)and nothing else but a warm, woolly, winter hat!! I would have loved to have been able to get pictures of some of her outfits but she just does NOT like having her picture taken - UGH!!! It really should be illegal to be that cute and that camera shy!! Hehe!! I did glance over a couple of times, however and caught her with MY camera taking pictures of her beautiful bounty!!

The next 2 are Em's pics!! Not too bad:)

This was the ONLY one I managed to get while she was twirling!!

I found this quote and thought of my friend!! Thank you, Kim!!

"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart."
- Kathleen Grove

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  1. Oh what fun! Before we moved we had a friend who gave us bags like that for the boys. Wht a Godsend she was.
    I LOVE that Em took pictures of the clothes! That certainly shows her excitement even if you couldn't get a good picture.