Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Now she has recruited little sister!!!! Will the madness EVER stop!!! No Diego for Lizzie!! She went straight for the race cars!!! I just know these two stay up at night thinking of ways to drive their mother completely crazy!!! I think I will put the Big Momma hex on the pair of them that they will both have nothing but a house full of boys!!! Really LOUD boys!!! bwwwaaahahahah!!! Oh wait, that means that we would have load of really loud grandsons!!! Never mind:)


  1. That is just too funny! Olivia has worn some of the boys underwear before but she loves her Tinkerbell panties too much to switch! :)


  2. I think they have GREAT taste... much better than Tinkerbelle anyways. Especially when one's niece mispronounces that word and calls her Tinklebelle. Heh.

  3. At lease they offer more coverage than some of the little girls panties!

    I'm sure your girls DO stay up all night and plot against you! My two girls are like a "Tag Team" (if you have ever watched wrestling,...not that I have). The theory is 1. Gang up on Mama; 2. Be RELENTLESS; 3. Re-group and do it again!

  4. You are so right about the coverage!!! What is up with these panties that ride up constantly!! I didn't want to buy thongs for my girls:) Would drive me crazy!!!

  5. The whole underwear saga has cracked me up. Your kids are so funny. I imagine there is a lot of laughter in your home. Thanks Ann for sharing your funny stories.