Saturday, March 20, 2010

Offi YooDo Product Review

Last week I posted about a very cool toy, here, that we were going to review for a great online store, CSN . It finally arrived last week (imagine 5 little faces pressed against the window pane - and drool) and being the busy family of 5 kids, 3 dogs, one cat/dog and 2 very tired parents, oh and one really stupid mouse, we just got the chance to open it and play with it, yesterday.

It was worth the wait, however! The kids were so excited and couldn't wait to start building.

One very amazing thing happened, though.

My 2 older boys actually took the lead, organized the little ones, decided which structure they were going to try first and then (drumroll please)

READ the directions!!!!

Can you believe it??? A member of the male species READ the directions!! I was very proud!! Hehe!! Anyway, they began the assembly

and created a very cool Control Tower!

Next was an equally cool puppet theater!

I was very afraid that the pieces, while big, were going to be very flimsy and easily destroyed. However, I have to say that they held up so well, even during the destruction phase, aka Em's turn!!!

In the end, the Offi YooDo got 4 out of 5 thumbs up.

I think the older 2 boys (12 and 10) had a great time creating the structures but then lost interest after about 30 minutes or so.

Our 7 year old had fun creating his own structures and was looking forward to playing again. He loves puzzles and leggo's so I wasn't surprised.

Em was the only one that gave it a thumbs down and I think that had more to do with her "pink eye" than the toy and she is just not my puzzle, leggo kid. She enjoyed the demo and playing in the structure once it was built, but was not so much into the building.

Lizzie loved the whole process. The only thing she didn't like was having to wait her turn!! Hehe!!

I think I would have to give this toy a definite thumbs up. It is great for using a kid's creativity and it held up so much better than I ever thought it would with our demolition team!! The best part, the kids actually worked together! You heard me, together!! So, worth every penny, that is if I had paid for it!! Hehe!! Thanks CSN stores!! Again, please go here to check them out.

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  1. I was just wondering about the review. I was going to email you and ask; thought maybe I missed it! sounds cool! I was wondering how it would hold up too. Cool! I liked that espresso maker that CSN had, but not sure if I'd do well steaming milk!!! It would be fun to try though!