Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A plea for help for Lucy

Sweet Lucy needs a family and she needs one fast!! Please help spread the word about Lucy. I know she has been well cared for and I have seen many pictures of her and some video. She is absolutely adorable!! Please keep her in your prayers!

Here is her info:

Some of you may be familiar with little Lucy, the spunky survivor with a very serious heart condition that was on our waiting child list. Well, unfortunately, she is back on the list due to no fault of her own. She desperately needs a family that can commit to her despite the uncertainty of her future. She needs a forever family, no matter how long that forever is....we may need to bring her here on a medical visa if we can't find a dtc family for her, as she needs treatment for her heart condition. There are hospitals in the U.S. willing to help her, but not in China. Lucy is a very bright little girl who is very close to her Chinacare mama. You may notice she also has a limb difference, but this doesn't stop her! For more information and pictures and updates on her, please contact me or see our password protected website.

The email is:
The website is:


  1. I'd get her in a heartbeat if I could.

    What an angel. Surely someone will Go?

  2. We want her but we are not DTC. I have contacted Marci and she knows our situation. Praying for this beautiful child... We can host her if she comes on a medical visa and then do the paperwork at the same time. But if there is another family who is DTC and can get her home, we are second choice as a family for her.

  3. Will continue to pray for her too, Karin!!!! I checked out your blog and you have a beautiful family!!!

  4. Oh how I would love to bring sweet Lucy home. DH and I looked at her file but he just wasn't on board with me. Then I found out that she found a family and was so happy for her and S! Now my heart breaks once again...I know that God has a plan for this sweet girl. Praying that her family finds her quickly!