Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thank you to our troops!!

Every now and then we get a magazine from USAA that hubby will skim through or if I get it first, will just throw away ! In this issue, however, hubby came across a picture that took his breath away and the story behind it just reinforces what our troops and their families sacrifice each and every day to protect our freedom.

Here is what was written about the picture:

This photo was taken by Abby Bennethum last July as her husband’s Army reserve unit was deploying to Iraq. Staff Sergeant Brett Bennethum’s unit was called into formation to receive its finial instructions, but the young soldier’s 4-year-old daughter Paige refused to let go of her father’s hand.
Realizing the importance of this moment, Bennethum’s commanding officer allowed the little girl to stand alongside her daddy and spend those final moments holding his hand before he left to serve his county.
Similar poignant scenes play out thousands if times each year across America, as servicemen and servicewomen leave their friends and families behind in defense of our freedom.

Wow - and Thank you!!!

To read more about the picture, you can go here


  1. Annie,

    That picture makes me tear up! I'm so thankful and I can't even imagine the sacrifice of those families being so far apart. I'm so thankful for them!


  2. Okay, so that touched my heart. And I remember waiting on the tarmac all too often, waiting for my daddy and his squadron to fly out.