Friday, May 14, 2010

A Bloggy Award!!

I received a very cool bloggy award from Maggie over at Crazy Beloved. She is a very unique way of describing her world!! Go check out her blog! She is much more "literary" than I will ever be!!

Thanks Maggie!!!

So I guess I am supposed to name 7 random things about myself as part of the award. Here goes:

1. I am very shy and do so treasure my "alone" time. Weird, right? With 5 kids, 3
dogs, one cat and one very understanding hubby, I don't really get much "alone"
time around here, maybe that is why I treasure it so? Hehe!

2. I CANNOT get into an unmade bed! Just can't do it! I know bed bugs don't care if a bed is unmade or not, but I do!!!! LOL!!!

3. Growing up, I never thought I would be a Mommie. Just look at me now!!

4. I am a vegetarian! Are you surprised???

5. My favorite food groups are Champagne and Chocolate!! Heh!

6. I used to be a "gulp" cheerleader but do not want my kids to be. I wish a had
played sports. It's a lot more fun:)

7. I am a neat nick!!! Weird, right? With 5 kids, 3 dogs, one cat and one very
messy husband, I don't get a lot of "neat" around here!! Hahahahahaha!!


  1. It's always great to learn things like that, you know, things only your husband and close friends know about you. Or, maybe just your husband? I never expected to be a mommy either, but I somehow managed to sneak it in before it was too late.

  2. I'm not that messy!!!

  3. I didn't know you were a vegetarian, but no, it does not surprise me. Do you make a separate meal then for you, or do you just leave off the meat? I'd love for you to share some of your recipes sometime if you have any special ones.

  4. I'm also a vegetarian, in a house full of meat eaters, makes a challenge for a meal!!

  5. You deserved that award! Thank you for stopping by my blog, that was really nice of you. :)

    No we haven't got TA yet. I wish!


  6. I'm so very close to be a vegetarian. Chicken is about the only meat that I really like and will eat. I could do without that too!

    Congratulations on your award! Like Joy said, you DO deserve it! I love reading your blog!

    Our Article 5 was picked up on the 12th, so we're awaiting TA now!

    Have a great weekend, Ann!


  7. I had no! idea! you were a vegetarian. Heh. The things you learn...

  8. Congrats on your award! Cool! AND, I liked learning about your "weird" ticks! LOL! I love my alone time too and can be quite the loner, the total opposite of everyone else in this family!

  9. Thanks everyone! Ginger, I have seperate menus for the kids/hubby and me which makes it very hard. There are a couple of recipes of mine that a few of the kids will eat, like cheese ravioli lasagne, here:

    Oh and Hubby dearest, one word for you - office! Ha!!!!