Friday, May 28, 2010

Time for New Shoes???

What do you think??

My poor, sweet Caleb has been walking around in these shoes for about a month now.

Finances the way they are, I have put off purchasing new sneakers in the hopes that these would make it til the end of the school year...

cause you know, with summer comes crocks or flip flops or bare feet, not sneakers.

Crocks are $8.

Sneakers are $20.

But because I am the one (still) tying sweet boy's shoes every morning, I just couldn't take it any longer and with the discovery of an old gift card (prob from Caleb's bday), we were off to Target...

for shoes - not a toy, sniff, sniff - but he was cool and only suggested once that we might want to spend his gift card on something else (aka: toy), rather than shoes. Sigh!!!

I was determined that he was going to pick whatever shoe he wanted. I mean after all, it was his gift card!

So out of all the shoes at Target, which ones did my sensory child pick???

Why the same exact shoes, of course!!!

No matter that these very cool looking Converse sneakers were brand new at Christmas this year and only lasted 4 to 5 months.

When you suffer from SID or Sensory Integration Disorder, you stick with what you know and like and that is just what my sweet boy did and I was not going to say a word!

I will worry about his next shoe situation 5 months from now, well, 5 months from now!! For now, I remain incredibly grateful for the beautiful blessing that is my Caleb!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Lizzie! Just catching up on the last post. The shoes? Well, I would have tried to stretch it out to end of yr. too. Grant's have a hole in them!!!!! AND, his pants are too short. Only a few days to go though. I like the new kicks!