Saturday, May 22, 2010

What do you think?

I don't have much time to read these days, but each morning I get about 5 to 10 minutes to read my Parent's Magazine, if ya know what I mean!!! Hehe!!

I mean, I do try! I keep books and magazines on my bedside table and on my coffee table but honestly, by the time I go to bed at night, I am asleep before my head hits the pillow and just sitting on the sofa leisurely perusing a magazine, just ain't gonna happen 'round here! Sigh!

The books, alas, are more for decoration now and the magazines usually end up in our guestroom (for the guests who don't have kids) or in the basket by the (ahem) toilet!!! Which is the only place I get to close and lock the door and read!!! LOL!!

Anyway, I was reading my Parents this morning and came across these interesting items. Not quite sure why I think they are interesting enough to post about, but for some reason I do!! I am very curious as to what you all think of them as well!

First there is the "Mother Child Shopping Tote Bag."

I mean cute idea but couldn't she just hold her mother's other hand????

Next there is the "Nose Mask."

HUH??? I mean.... HUH?????

Lastly there is "Monster Hands."

At first I thought these were cute, but I don't know! The more I look at them, the weirder they seem and how hard would it be to get those things on your hand and if they are "temporary" tattoos, how long would you have to walk around with a monster on your hand???

I mean my kids have had some "temporary" tattoos that took a week or two of soap and water before they faded away - bit by bit!! Can you imagine?

I think you would have to be a stay at home Mom to be able to entertain your kids with this product. I mean you would already have peanut butter stains on your shirt and dirty hand prints all over your pants, so what's a little monster tattoo on your hand??? Right?

Tell me what you think??? Oh and I do have the links if you are interested! I won't make fun of you!!! Promise!!! Hehe!!!


  1. I think I feel the same way about the mask and the hand puppet that you do about the tote. Can we just do our own?

    On the tote, if you are holding your hand in hers, you will feel her walk away. If she is on the tote, how long will it be before you know she has wandered off? Maybe I am not understanding the "draw" on that product?

  2. I think whoever came up with these ideas either don't have or have never been around children; or were in an altered state of mind. I don't believe I will be rushing out to purchase these items. But I could see a bunch of college stidents enjoying the nose masks and the monster hands:). Wait...maybe it was college students in an altered state of mind that invented these items! That makes more sense. At least it does to best I can remember college life in my unalterede state of mind. Did any of that make any sense????

  3. I meant to type "students" not "stidents." Sorry.

  4. Too funny Beach Mama!!! Makes perfect sense to me:)

  5. Just plain weird if you ask me. With the exception of the tote. True, hand holding is a much better option. BUT take Jake for instance, DOESNT LIKE TO HOLD HANDS!!!!! However, he loves loves loves to feel like he is helping. Just might prevent the struggle of hand holding. However, probably still wouldn't buy it!

  6. Temporary tattoos MAY come off by putting a piece of tape over & then pulling it off. That's the way some of them are designed to be removed. It's unlikely I'd be spending my money on any of those things, either.

  7. the tote? silly. the monsters? agree with you. nose masks??? isn't it just more fun to make your own silly faces?? :O)