Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - Party Girl

My Sunday Snapshot:

Happy Birthday indeed, sweet baby girl!

Lizzie's birthday was Thursday (posted a bit about it here ) but the party wasn't until yesterday at JuJu's house.

It definitely was a fine day!!

There were bubbles,

and water guns,

and cannon balls,

well armed cannon balls,

and double dutch cannon balls!

There were all the important party foods,


and chips.

There was a slip and slide,

and popsicles,

and a cake,

a soccer cake, of course.

There were icing hand puppets,

and presents,

lots of presents,

and one very sweet, very excited 4 year old!

My 2 beautiful 4 year olds!! Virtual twins once again!

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

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  1. What a fun party...totally puts me in the mood for some summer fun (& popsicles!).

  2. How fun!! Tomorrow we're going to have a day similar for Memorial Day! I can't wait! Without swimming, Summer just isn't the same, is it? :) Happy birthday Lizzie! You really are a sweet girl!


  3. Happy Birthday darling Lizzie!!

    Looks like y'all had an amazing day!!!

  4. What a CUTIE PIE! I loved hearing her sweet little voice... and how adorable that she wanted a soccer cake!! From what I can tell she must love soccer and Kai Lan :)
    Happy Birthday, Lizzie!!!

  5. Happy Birthday - she is such a cute little bug! Loved the soccer cake, our Hanna was the same way, ha! What a fun day

  6. Happy birthday to Lizzie! Our 4 year old Maimie adores Kai Lan, too. Looks like alot of fun.

  7. What a great party!!! SO FUN!!! Happy Birthday sweet Lizzie!!

  8. wow!! sunday was my daughter bday too.
    what fun pics. love the bubbles one. Great shots!
    I have joined in too
    Do visit me

  9. Aww, how cute is she! My little girl just turned 4 today and our party is this weekend. Your party looks awesome. I love that your little girl wanted a soccer cake! My girls are all about the pink. Great pics. thanks for sharing.

  10. Annie,

    What a perfect day for a perfect little girl! I love her southern accent! :) Your whole crew is just gorgeous! Glad Lizzie's birthday was as special as she is! I do love that close up of Lizzie and precious!

    Love videos. Thanks for sharing those!

    Have a great Memorial Day, Annie!


  11. How fun! What a great party - and your little party girl looks absolutely thrilled - that must make your heart sing :) Happy Birthday Lizzie, that slip and slide looks amazing!

  12. Happy Birthday Lizzie!! What a fun birthday :)