Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring Soccer 2010

Well it is officially over - the Spring 2010 Soccer Season. I have talked a lot about the kid's soccer in the past but not a whole lot about our Soccer Club.

A little over a year ago, an acquaintances of ours (who has now become very good friends) asked us to help start a new soccer club. They wanted to start a club that our kids could play in, learn about soccer in and have fun in while also reaching out to the community and in particular, an oft forgotten community. To say that it has been a positive experience would be a huge understatement. We have met and become closer to so many wonderful people and our club has become so much more than just a soccer club - it is like a family. We help each other and look after each other. We support our children, every one's children and we have fun - a lot of fun - and soccer should be fun (for the kids and the parents)!

I have loved watching my kids grow in their soccer skills but I have very definitely enjoyed watching my kids grow in their community skills.

I will never, ever forget the images of my kids cheering on the kids of Special Olympics...

when our soccer club hosted a soccer day for their organization - and then getting to actually hand out the medals!

Priceless! What a completely amazing day!

One of Hubby's responsibilities is heading up the "Little Kickers" program. He whines a lot (A LOT) about not being able to coach the "big" kids anymore but don't let him fool ya! He LOVES it and boy is he ever good at it! The kids adore him and the parents are in awe! As hubby has often said, "Coaching 3 and 4 year olds is a bit like herding cats!" Hehe!! He coached 3 (yes 3) teams this season and still managed to enjoy himself and the kids could tell and boy did they have a good time!

Caleb had a great season and next fall will be going into the more competitive U9 program! At 7 years old, he has such a great understanding of the game and can play the whole field - all game! He is a combo of his big brothers (thing one and thing two - hehe), he is a very versatile player and plays each position very well with huge intensity and purpose. He never complains about practice and just loves to play!

He is so ready for a more competitive division but he will no longer be coached by Daddy - sniff, sniff! He will, however, move up with his friends to make one tough team:)

Lizzie and Em will still be hanging with Coach Daddy and tearing up that soccer field! I think Coach Daddy is already salivating over the girls' team he will have in a couple of years!

Little Lizzie May sure has discovered her sport - runs in the family:)

Em hasn't quite decided if soccer is her sport of choice yet, but when she is in the mood, she can hang with her sister!

She just has to be in the mood...

and most of the time right now, she is not...

but her sister always is!!!

We had a great end of the season, if I do say so myself!

Hubby put me in charge of the end of the season party and then - left town! Only to come back in time for said party!! Thanks Hun!! Hehe!!

The older 2 had wonderful seasons as well! Just no pics! Sigh!! I have all but given up on my poor little point and shoot to produce any kind of quality action shots!

Charlie's team did not win in the final tourney but did manage to put a hurtin' on their rivals!!! Whoop Whoop!!

Christian's team DID win the final tourney, coming in 1st place in their division!!


I have to say that I just love watching my boys play soccer!

Warning!! Major Mommie bragging ahead!!

Charlie is described as the "work horse" of the team and can play in just about any position his coach puts him in and plays well! He also has BOUNDLESS energy which serves him well on the field - not so much at home! Heh! He can play in 90 degree heat and play the entire game and play hard - all game! He can make goals and he can stop goals!!

Christian has found his position - goalie. He moves with such an intensity of purpose, seemingly effortless precision and instinctual knowledge that is rare for someone of his age. He can block goals that you (and the other team) just know are going in and can boot a ball clear back to the other goalie and sometimes IN the other goal!! Hehe!! I used to hate it when his Coach would put him in goal because I would get so nervous. I am no longer nervous!


When he decides to collide with another player (during the winning game) and gets knocked flat for a few! Everyone was worried when it was obvious he had trouble standing. It was all I could do to keep his siblings off the field! Sure enough, though, he gets up, shakes it off, waves to his sisters and gets back at the task at hand - stopping goals! WHEW!!

Way to go U12 Boys!!!

As much as I brag about my boys, they are just a part of a really great team and their teams are loaded with really great players. This club has wonderful parents and talented players and we LOVE it!

Can't wait for Fall 2010!


  1. Way to go guys!!!! Congrats to all on your soccer season!

  2. Wow...Talent in soccer really does run in the family! Lizzie made it look easy too! Congratulations to the whole family! I love seeing families enjoying something their passionate about together! :)

    Have a great weekend, Ann!