Friday, July 9, 2010

Yummy Summer Recipe

There are certain recipes that will always remind me of home.

Growing up, I (surprise, surprise) was a very picky eater. Never ate seafood. Yes, I live on the coast and yes, my family all love seafood. Now that I am grown, I still don't eat seafood and I have also eliminated meat!!

My sweet Caleb, you come by it honestly hun! Sorry:)

However, I have always loved veggies and cheese and sour cream, so my Grandmother's Squash Pie was a fav!

I decided that I would try it on my little Lizzie. The boys won't eat it, sigh, but Em will. Counting myself, that's 2 out of 7, not a great ratio, so I just had to recruit Lizzie. If the odds are better, I can justify cooking it more often! Heh!

Warning, it is not an exact recipe but one of those that just kind of gets thrown together - the best kind!

First, you cut up and cook a whole lotta squash and one big onion til they are fork tender.

Next, you drain really well and mash the veggies slightly.

Then you add butter, salt and pepper, sour cream and cheese. Sorry I warned you - no measurements here.

Stir it all together, scoop into a purty casserole dish, top with dry stuffing mix

and bake at 350 until bubbly!


and the verdict is...

I will let the picture (and the smile) speak for itself:)