Saturday, July 23, 2011

Must Read Post

Please read this post.

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I know many of you remember sweet Kirill who through the power of prayer finally came home about a month or so ago.

This post is just so important.

This post you just have to read!

People who adopt are not any more amazing than those who think they can't. We are just regular people who have heard the call. We are not anymore extraordinary than the next person. We have just had ours eyes opened to the suffering of these precious children. If we adopt, you just might be able to adopt too!

Think about it, pray about it and see if the Lord is calling YOU!

I know that many of my readers have already adopted and are in the process of bringing home another - God Bless you!!

I hope that you might just share this link with others who may not know the reality in which these kids live and the transformation that takes place when they are finally enveloped in the loving arms of their forever families and their Heavenly Father!!!!

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