Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Women have Babies

Just take a look at that big boo boo! 

So what in the world does that big boo boo have to do with having babies??

Well, right after Miss Em decided to try a Fred Flintstone stop - with her elbows - she came calmly in to the house and informed me that she had a boo boo - a big boo boo!

I not so calmly told her that if that big boo boo had landed on any one of her big brothers' elbows at the age of 8, 11 & 13 five years old, they would have been screaming in agony! 

This is why women have babies!

Am I right or am I right!  Hehe!

It did help to have her "twin" sister there to comfort her!

These two!!  They have already decided that when they grow up, Em will be the doctor that delivers the babies and Lizzie will be the doctor who takes care of the babies!  They have also started saying the exact same things at the exact same times and jinxing each other constatly! 

Watch out world, here they come!


  1. Goodness! Miss Em is one tough cookie!! If i were her i would have been bawling like a baby!!!

  2. Your daughters are precious! How sweet that they are so close!

  3. So, so cute! That's a bugger of a boo boo, though. :( Brave, strong girl! :)

  4. Good for her! What a brave girl she is! That looks so painful...yikes!

  5. Tough girls! Those two will conquer the world for sure!!

  6. I knew I loved that girl....like we said before girly tomboy! :) Way to go Em....show up those brothers! I think Lizzie and Em have a good plan and I say lookout world too! They are both PRECIOUS!!!!!


  7. So cute! Those girls are something else!


  8. Thanks for a laugh this morning! I agree, that is exactly why women have babies and men don't!

  9. Yes, that is why women have babies!!! LOL

    Your *twins* are a-dorable!!! :)