Monday, July 25, 2011

We Are Kid-less...

What to do, what to do???

That was the question after our truly wonderful, amazing, terrific, and  best neighbors EVER insisted offered to keep the kids, our kids, all 5 of our kids so that we could have a night out - together - alone - without kids - ALL night!!

Did I say brave best neighbors ever??

So, we have a night out and we are without children, what do 2 young ( and by young, I mean not eligible for Social Security - or a colonoscopy - yet - heh ), do with such a night, such a rare night?

I mean there were NO kids here

There were NO kids there - watching this

There were NO kids here or anywhere!

Shhhhh, do you hear that???  Yeah, me neither!!!!  Hehe!

Well, the evening began with a romantic stroll through my fav store, Targe'!

We were actually able to make it through the store without one baby doll, DS game, stuffed animal or pack of bubble gum magically levitating into the cart!  Imagine that!

Next stop the grocery store where the Pig's ( if you live in the South, you know of what I speak ) Muzak serenaded us with Abba songs while we searched for the perfect ingredients for our intimate dinner for two!

Can you guess what the main course was?

That's right, we culinary wizards whipped up a pan of scrumptious nachos, to be followed by some decadently sweet chocolate!

No, not strawberries dipped in chocolate or creme brulee for two!

No, not for us!

We prefer Goobers, thank you very much...

Not sayin we are Goobers, just that we like to eat Goobers - just sayin!

and nothing accompanies a delicious box of chocolatey Goobers like Champaigne!!!

We know how to live, right???

I know, it's sad!  Hehe!

So did we enjoy our night?

I will let you decide!!

We even got to do this

Without once hearing - EWWWWWW!!!!  Ha!

Thank you again to our wonderful, awesome, terrific, brave best neighbors ever!!


  1. Too fun!!! Ohhh you do have the most amazing neighbors ever! How sweet!!!!

  2. Sounds heavenly! Gotta love some Goobers and Champagne!!

  3. HOW FUN!!! Good for you guys!!! Isn't it weird having no kids at home? When ours are gone I usually think I hear them....the nachos look YUMMY! You just need to add some jalapenos! :)

  4. Go, neighbors!! Looks like you guys are having fun!!

  5. What sweet neighbors! I think it sounds like a great night! We may get to have our first night like that since bringing Luke home this Saturday night (Sunday is our anniversary). Luke has never spent the night away from home. He and Joy would stay with my mom and dad!

    You two look so cute!


  6. Nothing like some sanity! And sharing it with your hubby is even better!

  7. Sounds like a great night & great neighbors

  8. EWWwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! I just did not want you to cave in and get the kids because you missed them. Feels strange without keeping an ear up for them at all times. -Joy